CHRISTMAS BOOK SIGNING: Magnificent Holkham Hall 22/11/18 4-7pm THE CEDAR CAGE

Looking forward to seeing you at my CHRISTMAS BOOK SIGNING for my bestselling Norfolk-set noir thriller THE CEDAR CAGE – Thursday evening 4-7pm 22nd Nov. 15 sellout Book signings since The Cedar Cage was published last year. No.2 Christmas National Bestseller list ousting Dan Brown. And now interest in Hollywood for a possible movie by a well-respected Producer.


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  1. Oh Robert, Its so serendipitous, to find that you have emerged from and made something out of the pain. I am very proud to have known you.

    • Hi Stephen,

      I’ve just seen your message: heartwarming words – thank you! I hope life is good and you are happy… so many years have passed (many lifetimes truth to tell, eh…). And I can imagine you have experienced much your end – all adding to the wisdom older age brings! I think you’re a couple of years on me; I’ve recently joined the ‘swinging sixties’ (OMG) – I don’t mean that literally, as I’m happily settled with my partner Mike (this September will be 25 years together – blimey!) – even though we formerly tied the knot ten years ago in a Civil Partnership. Lol, I never thought I’d settle down with anyone back in the old days, when I was all screwed-up, ha. Strange, I remember visiting your friend Lars (think that was his name?) somewhere in Suffolk – a big house I think? – and amazingly, I settled on the beautiful North Norfolk coast and am so happy to have left London far, far behind – though I still visit my brothers periodically.

      Well, old buddy keep well and sending you a big hug for old times sake, as we experienced a fair slice of life together back then in our youths.

      Robert x

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