The Cedar Cage

The Cedar Cage (noir-fiction: psychological mystery thriller) published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie on 31st August 2017.

The boathouse had been built by an Edwardian aristocrat – from a single cedar of Lebanon – as a retreat, maybe even a cage, for his glamorous American bride. But in 2008, just weeks after moving into this dream home, Bertie starts to feel uneasy about living inside someone else’s fantasy.

Obsession takes hold when he becomes convinced that a carpenter, commissioned to fulfil Lord James Newton-Grey’s vision, was murdered in the boathouse. His investigations immerse him in a sinister web of family secrets, as tangled and treacherous as the Norfolk marshlands that lie beyond his windows.

Robert with Barnaby – a VIP (very important pet) in The Cedar Cage

Bertie’s own dark past plays tag with the present, driving him to the edge of madness, when he is forced to confront a chilling truth about himself – delivered by an unexpected visitor on Christmas Day.

Readers of The Cedar Cage – like its characters – must make up their own minds: is Bertie’s strange, unquenchable imagination running riot … or has something genuinely supernatural been at work?

Robert Greenfield’s cleverly crafted thriller is a real page-turner‘ Christopher Warwick (royal biographer and broadcaster)



Samphire Coast

Samphire Coast is a real-life heartfelt roller coaster at odds with an awesome and awe-inspiring renovation of an ancient tumbledown house, national calamities threatening ruination before a dream has hardly begun, dreaded hotel inspectors and errant guests from hell that will have you laughing and gasping at their turgid audacity… Eye-opening anecdotes abound in this amusingly irresistible ‘Red Carpet’ foray into both the lighter and darker recesses of a unique British staycation.

“Just sometimes the grass is not always greener on the flipside…”

Hence: becoming ‘Domestic Gods’ is out of sheer (OCD) necessity – as Robert and Michael with the incongruous arrival of their (lucky mascot) dog, Barnaby, who has the disposition of an urbane sixties hippy – embark on their adventurous new lives in the hotel trade. And who knows they might be up for an award or two…

Robert Greenfield has penned a heady spellbinding narrative based on his dog-eared diaries that will have you crying out for a sequel and no doubt packing your books and heading for the breathtaking reaches of the North Norfolk coast – one of England’s last remaining wildlife paradises…

Download a sample chapter here.

Published in 2011 by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Ltd/Vanguard Imprint