robert greenfield - author, ukRobert Greenfield is a former international fashion designer, once dubbed ‘Britain’s answer to the Italian Look’, and a well-respected interior designer with a staggering flair for home-makeovers that has earned him many successful projects often featured in magazines and the press.

Robert’s debut book Samphire Coast (published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Ltd/Vanguard Imprint – out 2011) is a beautifully descriptive and daringly candid account of his over-the-counter view of owning and running a much-publicised boutique B&B establishment on the North Norfolk Coast: aka Chelsea-on-Sea.

robert greenfield - author, uk

Robert’s latest book, The Cedar Cage was published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie on 31st August 2017. ‘No.2 National Bestseller (run-up Christmas 2017)’ – Jarrold.

It’s 2008, and a gripping psychological mystery unfolds in North Norfolk. Bertie, the new owner of a unique Edwardian boathouse, becomes convinced that the carpenter who built it was murdered: his investigations immerse him in the brilliant life of Lord James, the enigmatic aristocrat who commissioned the boathouse as a retreat – or maybe a cage – for his glamorous American bride. The Cedar Cage is rooted in love-triangles both past and present, laden with intrigue, passion, blackmail and murder as history repeats itself uncannily. Yet its readers – like its characters – must make up their own minds: is Bertie’s strange, unquenchable imagination running riot … or has something genuinely supernatural been at work?

The three characteristics that distinguish this debut novel are originality, ambiguity and ambition. There is plenty of intrigue and mystery to keep you turning the pages and characterisation is solid. But it’s the pinpoint period detail and atmosphere of creepy isolation sustained throughout that really impresses. Stylish, assured and a welcome new voice in a fluently written novel rich in symbolism. Recommended 5-Stars. —F.G.Cottam, Paranormal-Mystery Author

The final twist in this original and compulsive page-turner is one you could never have imagined or, indeed, seen coming. ‘The Cedar Cage’ deserves huge success! —Christopher Warwick, Royal Biographer and Broadcaster

A highly entertaining page-turner and intriguing thriller, which I could easily see adapted for film. The final lines actually sent a shiver up my back! —Andrew Hook, Crime Writers Association

Robert Greenfield - writer, author, novelist, North Norfolk, UK

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